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This is the online tabletop gaming experience you've been looking for. MyRPG is an online game engine capable of creating and hosting table-top, pen and paper style games like Dungeons and Dragons, Microlite20, Pathfinder, or any other paper and pencil games you can think of. Play your games on an interactive map, allowing you to place and move tokens around on any map image you can find. Keep track of player and monster inventories and full character sheets entirely in-game. Scripting aids the game master in executing dice rolls or even complete attack sequences. Most game systems have mechanisms that allow you to run scripted DC (difficulty check) rolls just by clicking a button. Need a dice roller? MyRPG has built-in support for very complex dice rolling. You can create your own adventures and campaigns right in MyRPG and allow other players to try it out.

The Microlite20 game system's documentation is a very important read because it gets you started as a game master or player, as well as providing insights into how to use MyRPG in general.

Need to play-test your own gaming system? Create your game system right in MyRPG and let your scripts do the work with dice rolls and character sheet manipulation with just a single click.

Dungeons & Dragons and Microlite20

Now I know a lot of you are here for D&D, and rightly so! The D&D game system is still very much in development so I wan't to encourage everyone to try the Microlite20 game system. It is a simplified version of D&D but close enough to be compatible with most existing adventures or campaigns. The following is a YouTube video demonstrating the current state of the D&D game system.

Even though the Dungeons and Dragons game system is still very much a work in progress feel free to try it in its current state. Alternatively, Microlite20 might be sufficient for your D&D needs.

Choose an old game from the list below! Without creating a login, you can read through the games other people have played or are currently playing!

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